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Let me start this post by saying…. If Kelly called me and asked if I wanted to surf the Surf Ranch, I would say yes. I would surf BSR, The Lakes, and any other pool because that shit looks fun.  Man-made wave pools are not going to have a negative impact on my desire to surf in the ocean. Just like skate parks don’t stop me from street skating.

A wave pool is to surfing what skate parks are to skateboarding.  Skate park footage will never be as cool as street footage. The same goes for wave pools vs. ocean footage.  When a new wave pool opens the footage is fun and hype. When you post on social media about your trip to a pool, I’m stoked for you. That being said… can you imagine an entire video of wave pools? Dion Angus did 7 years ago with his video Electric Blue Heaven and that was pretty sick but it was also the first.  Imagine 20 more videos, shot on the same wave over and over, the same barrel section, and the same boost section.  It would get stale real fast. Shoot me.

Now think about this. There have been entire contest series based around skate parks. I just went to the Van’s skate park series in Huntington Beach a couple weeks ago and peeps were ripping. Now that I think about it, all skate contest are ran in parks, weather it was built for the event or a permanent fixture. That being said, skate contest footage, still isn’t as cool as street footage.

Is their room in surfing for a Pool Series?  Is it possible to have a Wave Pool Champion who has never surfed in the ocean? What if someone put up some serious cash for a pool series like Joe and Gavin did for the Maloof Money Cup? Would you watch? Would it affect your love of surfing in the ocean?

I know one thing. Nothing will stop my surf addiction.

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