I’m F**king over it tonight

Can I vent for a minute? Should I vent for a minute? Probably not but oh well.

I ‘m sitting on my couch, checking out all the top surf sites and I find myself  bored. I tried watching a few surf videos and couldn’t make it to the end of any of them. I even watched a video on a popular surf site that was teaching kids how not to be cookie cutter and the video was really cookie cutter. Are we really this boring? The last time I got excited from a surf video was the video teaser from Rage Traction.

I’m not going to lie and tell you I have the answers because I don’t. I  saw a video the other day about how surfing needs to go back to being rebellious but I don’t remember surfing being rebellious. At least, not my generation. You had the Momentum Generation and all those guys looked the same. Nasal Driven Power Pop Punk, Good times, and nothing rebellious.  …Lost put out some great videos but I cant say they were rebellious. I do think early Transworld Surf videos pushed what could and should be done.

Run Man 69 was pretty epic. Remember when that guy crapped on the hood of that car.

I should keep these thoughts to myself.


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