It’s almost time for Surf Expo, which is a big opportunity for the industry to get together and push things forward in a positive direction. We asked a few surf shops if there was something they wished would happen but never does?

Sweetwater Surf Shop (NC) – Maybe a legit round table talk about the industry?

Webber Surfboards (CA) – We need to push retailers to get back into the ‘SURFBOARD’ business. This is the one thing that makes their brick & mortar’s special. We need to highlight hardgoods & educate the consumer on all that is available. We have to get back to actually promoting participation, especially to new surf enthusiasts.

Fluid Surf Shop (FL) – Just have core surf vendors

The Easy Rider (Edmonton, Canada) – Some sort of actual industry social event. Bring back the parties at Typhoon Lagoon! We are supposed to be having FUN.

Quality Surf (HI) – Never been. bummers…

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