The number one selling product in any surf shop, should be the shop’s product. Shop       T-shirts, hoodies, and hats should always be number 1. Not only do you make the most margin on shop products but you can control the distibution. So, what other products can you slap your sweet shop logo on to help grow your brand?

We reached out to a few shops to get a list of items surf shops may overlook when making shop products.

Please note: The shops that sent in suggestions are not listed because we didn’t send the questioner correctly. Therefore, we actually don’t know what shops replied. Whoever you are, Thank you.

List is from most popular response to least.

1: Water bottles

2: Koozies

3: Air Fresheners

5: Lanyards

6: Reusable Totes (Bags)

7: Mugs

8: Towels

9: Surf wax

10: Buttons

11: Rack pads

12: Hot water jugs

13: Backpacks

14: Beanies

15: Magnets

16: Sweat pants

17: Frisbees

18: License Plate Frame

19: Lycra Surf Shirt

20: Patches

22: Boardshorts

23: Volleys/Amphibians

24: Skate decks

25: Surfboards

26: Candles



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