Gnarly times indeed and things feel really uncertain. If there is one thing we know, its that Surfing has a tight community and if we all work together we will come out stronger.

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and roll with the punches. Many stores are closing for a few weeks and can use all the support they can get. Remember that this industry is nothing without them. Below are a few brands that are helping support local board shops while still selling online.

Jetty: 10% of all net profits generated from online sales will be distributed by zip code to retailers.

AMBSN: 20% of the proceeds from online sales will go to a skate shop, surf shop, or clothing boutique if you provide the shops name in the COMPANY section of your shipping address.

Corckcycle: Write in your favorite local Corkcycle store at checkout for any purchase on and they will treat the sale as if it was bought at their store by sending them a check.

Who else is helping out local shops? We will keep you updated.

Together we will come out stronger.

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 5.55.14 AM

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