COVID-19 is taking it’s toll on the surf industry and small businesses around the globe. We reached out to a few surf shops to see how they are dealing with the pandemic and if they had a positive messages for the surf community.

Our first interview is with Will Ferris of St Augustine, Florida’s Pit Surf Shop.


BTR: How are you dealing with COVID-19 and the impact it is having on your shop?

Will: We are mainly just keeping everything clean. We have also limited times on all rentals so we do not over crowd our beaches which are luckily still open!

BTR: Do you feel business will bounce back quickly when this is all over?

Will: I feel like most business will bounce back, it may be hard for restaurants and some other business that work with smaller margins. Surf Shops and boardshops should be fine as long as they can continue to serve the communities through outlets like online sales, and things along those lines.

BTR: Community is more important than ever right now. Do you have anything you would like to say to the surf community?

Will: Keep the line ups uncrowded. It will defiantly be hard but if you show up to a spot with a good sized crowd, go somewhere else that is less crowded. Do not let the ego of getting a picture or video get in the way. Surfing is relaxing to most of us and if the beaches are closed and no one can surf, it will take a major impact on mental and physical health!

BTR: We are looking for ways to spread positivity and give streignth to the surf community. Please feel free to use this section to say anything. Share a story, give some tips on how to do anything? Write a letter to the industry. Whatever you feel would be helpful. Thanks!

Will: This is for all action sports enthusiasts. Wether you are a surfer, skateboard, snowboarder, mountain biker, bmx rider, or anything else. These activities are often relaxing and calming to most of us and we enjoy surfing, riding, or having fun with friends however we can’t do that now. Keep your groups small and low key. If you are doing any of these activities, don’t blow up the spot on social media, and if too many people show up just leave and find another spot, wether that is a street skate spot, a surf spot, or a skatepark. Physical, and mental health is important in this trying times so lets try to keep our outlets of stress relief, calming, or whatever you call your activities that help keep your mind off all the craziness. Hope this finds everyone well, and stay safe and stoked!

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