Surf Shops around the globe are having to close their doors due to COVID-19. Some stores are doing deliveries and curbside pick ups while others are focusing on their online stores. If your reading our website, its fair to say you’re interested in supporting your local surf shop and keeping surf culture healthy. You may want to support your local surf shop but don’t know what you could possibly need from them when your’e not supposed to leave your house. Below is a list of items that may come in handy while couch surfing a global pandemic.

Gift Card: This one is simple. Buy a gift card to support your local surf shop now but use it when you really need it. You can also give it to your buddy as a gift or possibly a wahine you dig.


Hand Lotions: You have probably washed your hands so many times that they are dried out, cracked, and possibly bleeding. A lot of surf shops sell hand lotions that will come in handy. Plus, hand lotion can be used for more than just moisturizing đŸ˜‰


Sun Block: Your not supposed to leave your house but you can still go outside. A little sunblock never hurt anyone… well unless your allergic to it.

Shampoo: Yup, its true. Several surf shops sell shampoo.

Candles: You’ve been stuck in your house for a few days and things aren’t smelling so good. Why not get a couple candles to freshen up the place.

Books: Get a book to past time daydreaming about the trip your going to take when all this is over.


Videos: Buy some of your favorite videos from surfing’s past. Keep your mind in the stoke so you can explode when you hit the water again.


Mugs and Glasses: They say, drinking a lot of water lowers the chances of COVID-19 entering through your throat. Why not drink that cool, clear, water out of your local shops mug or glass. Plus, they also hold beer and water.


Indo Board: Stay balanced and healthy from the comfort of your own home.

Hacky Sack. Get that hand eye coordination down while you kick the days away.

Shop T-shirt: Why not? You can always use a fresh shirt for when you hit the town again.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can get from your local surf shop that can be used while self isolating. They might event sell you a roll of toilet paper.

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