Incase you missed this comment from @celluloidsorbet on our Instagram account. He posted a comment that gives us all something to think about with all the Online shopping  going on during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Comment section is open
Words below by @celluloidsorbet
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There is an ugly side to this that needs to be scrutinized, especially from our perspective:
Online shopping has absolutely ERUPTED. This bodes well for Amazon and their ilk moving into the future as it has created even more loyalty and dependence among consumers.

This entire episode has proven to be the greatest marketing opportunity online sellers and centralized delivery services (Postmates, GrubHub, UberEats, etc) could have possibly hoped for. This means our strategies will have to be more thoroughly scrutinized and retooled to combat the corporate juggernauts threatening all of us.

Every community and local business needs to work together to provide locally sourced options for online sales and delivery. This means surf shops need to build strong coalitions with other local non-surf related businesses to foment a commercial strategy to compete with the multinational monopolistic monstrosities that are hoovering all the revenues out of our communities, forcing even greater dependence on these corporate behemoths. So far, Amazon is arguably the biggest winner in all of this, which makes us the biggest losers.

The only way “everything is gonna be alright” is if we put in the effort, intellectually and physically, to make it so.
Evil never sleeps.

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