COVID-19 is taking it’s toll on the surf industry and small businesses around the globe. We reached out to a few surf shops to see how they are dealing with the pandemic and if they had a positive messages for the surf community.

Our fourth  interview is with Dan Pankratz of The Exchange Collective and former CO-Owner of One Way Board Shop. He is also currently putting in a few hours at San Luis Obispo’s Central Coast Surfboards.


BTR: How are you dealing with COVID-19 and the impact it is having on your shop?
Dan: We have created links for shop employees to promote their shops website. Sales done through these links will give the shop employee credit for the sale. The shop then can give the employees a portion of the sale. This helps both the shop and the shop employee. I have also seen shops start doing shopping by appointment and doing local delivery.
BTR: Do you feel business will bounce back quickly when this is all over?
Dan: It really depends on how long the shutdowns will continue. I feel there will be alot of people who will have lost income during this time. And when things get turned back on they will need to recover personally before making no essential purchase.
BTR: Community is more important than ever right now. Do you have anything you would like to say to the surf community?
Dan: You have build a relationship with the customers that have come into your store to shop. Many of your customers come because of YOU and not just what you carry. You have provided a place for them to experience the surf culture. Continue to find ways to give them this experience. Its time for you to meet your customers where they are…. but keep six feet way in the water!
BTR: We are looking for ways to spread positivity and give streignth to the surf community. Please feel free to use this section to say anything. Share a story, give some tips on how to do anything? Write a letter to the industry. Whatever you feel would be helpful. Thanks!
Dan: Your brick and mortar partners are you frontline. They are passionate about the surf culture they are your best and easiest way to touch the end consumer on a personal level.

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