I don’t want to make light of the current situation in the USA and around the globe. People are sick and that’s not funny. Personally, I think we need to come together and get a handle on this pandemic. What is crazy is how COVID-19 is helping core surf shops. That’s why this post is called CORVID-19. DID A GLOBAL PANDEMIC SAVE CORE SURF SHOPS?.

If you have listened to the weekly, 5 minute podcast “Live Wire” (Click Here to hear the first 3 podcast) you will hear surf shops talk about how they can’t keep core surf products in stock. Not only are surf shops selling out of product but brands are too. I’m talking about real core surf products like leashes, pads, fins, etc. The type of products you will only find at a real surf shop. Don’t think its just surf shops because skate shops are selling hard-goods like crazy too. Some friends of mine at skate companies have told me they can’t produce product fast enough.

A few months ago, surf shops didn’t know how they would keep their doors open. Now, I’m hearing more and more shops say they are having record breaking months. I spoke with one shop that told me they did more in April, more in May and more in June then they do during a great holiday shopping season. Multiple shops have told me they cant write refill orders fast enough. Plus, when they can keep up on orders, they don’t know if brands or distributors will have product to sell.

Not only are accessories sales up but U.S. board makers are busy as well. Sounds like overseas manufactures are not able to get boards into the country (This is not confirmed, just what it sounds like) and local shapers are getting more and more orders. I’ve heard some shapers say they have more custom orders than they have had in years.

I ask… Did a global pandemic save surf shops? Did a global pandemic put the focus back on core surf products? Did a global pandemic save local board builders? Should we change the name from COVID-19 to CORVID-19? Do surf shops need to put more focus on core surf products and not major clothing brands who sell everywhere including their own stores? You decide.

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