Everyone may not know the name Duke Boyd but he had a major hand in launching the Surf Industry. Not only is he the Co-Founder of Hang Ten but he also took Lighting Bolt to the next level and came up with the name Body Glove. I’m sure he helped many other brands and people reach success along the way.

We heard the other day that he passed away and wanted to pay our respects. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and everyone he inspired.

The words below are from the Surfing Walk of Fame…

Hang Ten founder Duke Boyd was born in Kansas City in 1934, grew up in Los Angeles, Hawaii and Panama. He began surfing at age 12 in Waikiki. 

In 1960, Boyd asked seamstress Doris Boeck to stitch together a durable pair of surf trunks he designed. The first-ever “boardshorts” to be capable of withstanding the rigors of surfing were an instant success with surfers and beach-goers along the California coast and the Hang Ten brand was born. 

For the next decade, the company’s trademark horizontal stripes and personality-filled ad campaigns took the surf world by storm. Boyd sold Hang Ten in 1970 and later played a roll in the success of Lightning Bolt.

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