You may remember an article I wrote called “IS YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA BUILDING A COMMUNITY OR GROWING DEMAND FOR OTHER BRANDS” Click Here to read.

In a nut shell, the article is about how I’m tired of seeing retailers only posting products from brands on their social media. I’m not talking about the Shops tees, hoodies, hats, etc. I’m talking the latest products from (Enter brand name here). What I really want to see is surf community, the local community, and all the shenanigans that happen at a surf shop. I want to see people in my tribe and know their is a place where surf culture lives. Instead, I see post after post of products. Many times I’ve said “If people want to see pictures of products they will just go to Amazon.”

Just last week, I was looking for a picture of a shop event to post on @surfshopday. I couldn’t find anything, just picture after picture of products. I said to myself “If I want to see pictures of products I’ll go to Amazon”. Then I thought, I’ve never looked at Amazon’s Instagram. Why would I… I don’t support Amazon. Why the hell would I check out their Instagram? So I did.

To my surprise, there are hardly any pictures of products. You know what they mainly post??? Pictures of the Amazon community and some sales promotions. They post stories about the people behind the brands they sell. Amazon shows images that make you think about voting, sustainability, and more. The Biggest retailer in the world, with 2.8M followers on their main Instagram account, doesn’t focus on pushing product through social media. They focus on community. I almost dropped my f@(king phone.

So what did I do next? I posted a question on Building The Revolution’s Instagram story and asked “HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED AT AMAZON’S INSTAGRAM?” 98% of the people who voted said NO (101 people voted No and 3 voted Yes). I wasn’t shocked by this answer, why would anyone look at Amazon’s instagram??? This is not us, This is not our tribe, we don’t support Amazon. I shop Small! I SUPPORT MY COMMUNITY!!!

Well… it might be time to look because sadly, they are doing community better than most of us.

I suggest you look and ask yourself. How can I do better? What do people really want to see? Let’s not let Amazon out community us. Surf Shops and small retailers are truly part of the community. Let’s take it back.

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