Prime Day vs Election Day – By: Dan Pankratz. CO Founder of the Exchange Collective.

With Covid now in its 8th month and what could be Americas most debated presidential elections less than a month away, we are now faced with another decision that can change life as we know It.—- PRIME DAY.

You might think voting for a Career Politician, a Businessman, or Rap Star will help fix our country’s economic and social welfare. Think again.

Some Americans celebrate spending money on mass-produced products from a multi-billion dollar company where the average warehouse employee could not even purchase 1 share of their company stock with a full month’s paycheck. How you spend your money on Prime day does more than get you a discount on crap you don’t need. It also effects the community you live in. 

It is no secret that when a business can offer more convenience and better pricing we feel like we are getting the best deal. But what if that convenience and pricing are really costing you and your family more than you think. 

For every $1 you spend by entering the digits of your credit card to have your hard-earned money securely zip through space into that multi-billion dollar corporations bank account, less than 20% off that money will ever end up circulating back into your community. When that same $1 is spent in a business with a physical location that percentage can double. If that business owner lives in that town up to 80% of that money can stay in your community. 

Convenience and pricing are for toilet paper and deodorant. But if you are going to buy a new vacuum for your wife, or a new bike for your son this Christmas, you’re also going to need a new fold-out couch to sleep on. Wouldn’t you want to buy that vacuum from someone who can help her fix it when it breaks? When you buy that bike, you want to get it from someone who has ridden the trails your son will be riding. And that fold out couch needs to be purchased from someone who has bought a vacuum for their wife for Christmas before. 

Before you send all your money to the online Jungle and cast your vote for a faceless and unauthentic retail future, cast your vote for authentic community building retail future by buying from a business that has roots in your community.

When it comes time to vote with your money make sure your vote counts. –

Here are a few reasons to Vote–SHOP Local

-Small businesses generate $68 of local economic return for every $100 spent with them. 

-Small businesses donate 250% more than large businesses to community causes.

– Local business generates 70% more local economic activity per square foot than big box retail.

-Small businesses employ 58.9 million people.

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