Way back when Tom Curren was taking the surf world by mellow storm, you knew he road Channel Islands, stayed warm with Rip Curl, and his threads were made by OP. Tom was numero uno on the ASP rankings and his sponsors reaped the benefits at the cash register. The same can be said for many of yesteryear’s top competitive surfers from Glen “Mr X” Winton to the Momentum Generation. Does that formula still add up? Do brands still benefit from competitors and champions like they used to?

You may have recently seen a sponsored Outerknown ad while scrolling through Instagram with a giant 70% OFF. It’s thier Semi Annual Sale on past season-styles. Why would Outerknown have a 70% off sale when the face of the brand / owner just won the Pipe Masters, is currently in the #1 position, and celebrated his 50th B-day on February 11th? I just checked Nike’s website and none of their LA Rams gear is marked down. Is Outerknown strategically running a 70% off sale on past-season goods to attract new customers while the Kelly fire is hot or are they having a blowout because thats the only time your average surfer can afford a $58.00 “Groovy” Pocket Tee? Could it be because even having “The Goat” as part of your company doesn’t help the cash register ring anymore?

I haven’t done much research, so it’s possible that the recent win and b-day celebration are helping Kelly sell more Slater Designs and Endorfins. These are just thoughts.

Here are more thoughts. Will Florence Marine X sell more clothing if John John wins Sunset or even a 3rd world title. Would Florence Marine X make more money and get more exposure if JJF just kept sailing and making movies? Will Land Rover sell more Luxury SUVs If Sally Fitzgibbon’s climbs her way to the top like a fine off road vehicle? Did people stop drinking the delicious milk alternative known as Almond Breeze because Sally no longer has their sticker on her boards? Not me, I love Almond Breeze and I’ll drink it with or without a sticker on Sally’s board.

I Love You Almond Breeze

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  1. Your last sentence sums it all up.
    Consumers may see a new brand on an athlete but the athlete is just a billboard.
    There’s a little less adoration than there was before.
    Note that you don’t see as many kids (or adults) wearing brand names emblazoned in huge graphic art on Ts as much as we used to.
    You’re likely to keep drinking Almond Breeze until they do something heinous, aside from dropping Sally.
    Or, your tastes change

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