Who doesn’t love commercials? Those 10 second advertisements that play at the start of every heat and about halfway through the surfing action. The cinematic gold that makes us say “I need that”.

Perhaps you have seen the 805 commercials that have been playing during the Pipe Masters and Hurley Pro Sunset Beach. Most of us know that 805 is a light refreshing beer that hails from Santa Barbara. What about the people who don’t know what 805 is? What do they learn about 805 after seeing that commercial? Do they say “I Want That”?

The commercial has 805 ambassador Conner Coffin talking about how surfing has always been a part of his life and this love of surfing has sent him all around the world. He tells us at the end day California is home. The Commercial ends with Conner saying “I’m Conner Coffin and I’m from the 805”. Was this a commercial for the city of Santa Barbara? Do I need to plan a trip to the 805?

Why do people forget to clearly communicate their message? Why didn’t they say something like… No matter where I am, the light refreshing taste of 805 ale will always remind me that California is home. A Golden Ale from the Golden state. I just made that up in two seconds and did a better job explaining what 805 is.

Watch the commercials during the contest and tell me if I’m wrong. Beach Body by Cize tells me its an online workout program. Nerd Wallet tells me they are a financial company. Shisedo clearly tells me they are suncare. Flying Embers tells me they are Kombucha. 805 makes me want to go to Santa Barbara and surf…. maybe with Conner… if he’s not traveling.

Maybe the 805 marketing department needs to wait till after work to enjoy the laid back refreshing taste of 805 beer.

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