RAGE: violent, uncontrollable anger.

RAGE: A small accessories brand from Australia owned by Creed McTaggart, Noa Deane, Ellis Ericson, Beau Foster and Toby Cregan… at least, that is who I think owns it. I’ve been fan of RAGE since I saw the first teaser in 2017, when they threw a rock through the back window of a car. So when is RAGE going to make its way to the USA?

I had a dream, I started a distribution company that sold Building The Revolution and RAGE. That would be rad. Real rad.

You’ve probably heard me complain about surf videos and how I find majority if them boring. Well, not today. I love films by Toby Cregan. He has a way of capturing the rawness of surfing that a lot of films lack.

I’m a little late to the party but cut me some slack. The brand isn’t sold in the USA. Here is RAGE 3.

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