Brands invest time and money to making sure their brand story reaches the end customer. Having retailers with good window displays and instore fixtures give the customers the best brand shopping experience. And in today’s world with so much online shopping brands have an opportunity to use retailer’s websites in the same way a good window display and store fixture helps sell products. The difference with an instore rack and the retailer’s website, brands can have more control their brand story and product mix the customers see much easier than ever before.

When a retailer starts to sell through products on a brand rack the customers start to see a rack that looks more like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree than the one in Rockerfeller Center. It may take days or weeks before the brand can react to how their brand is being represented instore. Just like instore a retailer’s website can have the same “Charlie Brown” feel to a brand when left unattended. But when Brands partner with retailers using solutions like Exchange Collective, they have more control on the customer experience benefiting both the brand and retailer.

Retailers that are considers authentic and trusted to the customer build better brand loyalty. Authentic retailers share and create content that is relevant to the customers for brand they carry. It is important for brands to leverage these retailer’s reach to the customer to build this brand loyalty. Brands that use their retailers as a platform to draw customers through their stores and website will save time, money and reach the customers with a higher life time value to both their brand and the retailer.

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