The second annual Board Shop Day, will be held September 19th, 2020 worldwide. This holiday is normally celebrated the 3rd Saturday in May, but was postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19. 

The goal is to put the special back into specialty retail and not make Board Shop Day a holiday of sales and discounting.  This is a day to celebrate the board shops that breed culture.  Ocean and Earth is releasing a limited edition Board Shop Day hat that will be available at Surf Shops in Australia and a handful of retailers in the USA.

We encourage everyone to go down to their local board shop and buy a shop shirt or hat, and show your support. You can also post images of your local shop on your social media with the hashtag #boardshopday.

Please celebrate your local board shop on Board Shop Day and support them everyday. They are vital for board sport culture.

About Board Shop Day:

Board Shop Day is an annual event celebrating independent board shops that are vital to our Surf, Skate, and Snow industry on the 3rd Saturday in May. Building the Revolution founder Mike Vavak decided to create this event to honor board shops around the world.  “It’s been said before that Board Shops are the temples of our industry. Let’s protect our temples and celebrate them. “Is it to much to ask, that we ask for a day dedicated to the shops that created an industry and culture for many of us.”

For More information on Board Shop Day go to @surfshopday or @Building_The_Revolution on Instagram.

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