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We could all do a better job making sustainable and eco-friendly choices. There is only one planet and we should do all we can to protect it.

We decided to ask retailers how eco products are doing in their stores and how they see them playing a role in the future.

How do you see Eco products playing a role in the future of retail?

Dewey Webber Surfboards (CA) – Education is the key, regardless of the products that we’re talking about here. Regarding surfboards, there is no way to regulate the claims that companies are making, so they can say anything, & the rest of the board building industry is so fractured & disjointed that no one can afford to counter those claims. Companies can build their boards anywhere under the premise of ‘ECO’, in off-shore factories that have far less environmental regulations, & then put them on cargo freighters with a massive carbon footprint to ship them all over the world. It feels a little bit like the Matrix…The lie that is being pulled over our eyes 🙂

I know the industry association (SIMA) is working to move the industry to go paperless & will be rolling out a digital catalog push soon. They have also researched & are currently presenting brands with more ECO-FRIENDLY poly bag options. These 2 things are a definite step in the right direction for the industry.

Quality Surfboards (HI) – It is starting to change the game. They banned Oxybenzone in Hawaii. By doing that it elevated our staffs knowledge of sunscreen ingredients. Now our staff will not sell sunscreen with Avobenzone even though that is not refulated. So we are phasing avabinzone sunscreen out also. trickle effects in full force.

Fluid Surf Shop (FL) – Limited success in eco…nice talking points but people are rarely willing to pay more for it.

Sweetwater Surf Shop (NC) – Seems to be a bigger abundance already in lines (organic sourced cottons), but using single use stickers and tags to exclaim it’s “sustainability”. Need to find a better balance. Just state the use of those kinds of products instead of marketing gimmicks.

The Easy Rider (Edmonton, Canada) – They for sure are playing an increasing role in the consumers minds and buying decisions. The key is that the product not only has to be eco – it also has to be better performing as well.

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